The earliest years of the band and the first official release ever to contain all 4 of Darkthrone’s demos in one place. Frostland Tapes also includes a rare live recording from Denmark in 1990 (one of only a handful of live appearances that Darkthrone has ever made) and perhaps most significantly, the previously unreleased version of the infamous 1991 Goatlord rehearsal session. These songs were intended to feature on the proposed second album, before the band changed direction and the tapes were confined to the vaults. Vocals were subsequently added in the mid-nineties, but they are presented here as the recording sounded in 1991.
Personally im stoked on the remastering of the ‘Land Of Frost’ demo (the first 5 tracks) from 1988 which i think was recorded in 87 when they still called themselves Black Death. On previous copies up to now the sound quality has been so low its really not worth listening to and although some say its not true Norweigian BM i don’t give a shit, like Vikernes rubbishing his first Burzum album saying the same thing, fuck knows… sounds great to me.

HERE (DISC 1 & 2)