Calling all who potentially read this God sent blog of pure comical genius and little fish fingers, my friends, well i say my friends, I’m more like a stalker, who isn’t allowed anywhere near any member of the band or their instruments, within a 6 mile radius of the same country…


Need votes for something which will mean they get to perform at benicassiam in lovely Spain… I’m obviously super duper good at explaining stuff but I’ll let the band take it from here via E-mail…


We need to get to the final 5 at The Pigalle Club in London Town so we can show them what DATK really stands for – and to do that we have to get the most votes at the highest rating on the supajam site.


go here and register with your e mail;

http://www. supajam. com/register. html

Then go to the link from The email they send straight away, log in and vote us five stars here;

http://www. supajam. com/contests/fasttrack/detail/roll-up-the-red-carpet. html#c858

It takes about two minutes to do all together and once done you are in the draw for winning one of five pairs of tickets to FIB to hopefully see us rock out first hand!!


Go on, Like Spike Lee’s film Do the right thing!

Happy Hanukkah, Bo!