Rip-roarin’ female fronted melodic Anarcho/Crust from Montreal, Québec. Formed in 2001, then quit playing in 2006 and now go under the name of Preying Hands. This demo features tracks from the Numb Again e.p.(2004), Ballast s/t(2004),”The Stand Off” 7″(2005) and the Sound Asleep l.p.(2005)

(2 female and 3 male, from various places around north america: british colombia, québec, ontario, and mississippi.) we are, as a band and as people, anti-racist, queer- friendly, and anti- sexist. we try to address issues that affect both us specifically and humanity in general, ranging from topics more overtly political (north american native struggles, resistance to bush’s “war on terror” abroad and the state repression that has come along with it here in north america, the beauty industry and its destructive affect on the lives on women) to the more personal (frustration with having to live under the shadow of exploitative capitalism and dealing with bosses and landlords.(Ballast)