I’m not one to usually center a Blog entry around a Youtube video, but I figured this could earn me some brownie points after un-hiply posting about Street Fighter IV earlier.

For those that wanted to see actual game-play footage of Street Fighter IV – watch JME fail at it in the YouTube video below. Yes, that’s correct… Nerds rejoice! For you have an ambassador!


Although this is able to show SFIV in action pretty well, there isn’t much strategy on show to highlight the complexity of the new fighting system. For a man that can do a Rubix cube in just over a minute; JME needs to earn some more geek-cred right here.

Do you think I reached this video before Vice did? Probably not. I expect it’s being wanked over as I speak.

This is only out in a week so all you big spenders will know what’s up soon enough. Anyway, I’ll put any extra worthwhile footage I discover into the comment section below.

I’m down with the kids.