You may have seen that this chick has just finished a collaboration with Married to the Mob. Personally I’m not feeling it too much, a plain illustrated female figure, on a MOB logo background is a fairly standard maneuver from them. I just feel MTTM is more focused on getting their feminists status known, rather than actually creating a unique line of garments. When will a strictly girl-focused streetwear label actually bring out some garments that are cutting edge with some class and style, instead of brash, graphic tees with lipstick, fishnets and guns?

However, not to completely knock the designer, Jessy Kennedy’s 2008 portfolio showed she has got some form of talent. Her shocking series of pornographic illustration received many mixed reviews and I personally warmed to these portraits, purely because when designing myself, I am always eager to get a bit naughty. Here is some of her hand drawn work, check it out:



More (slightly cringey) naughtiness on Jessy Kennedy’s website, and find the MTTM tees here.