So a couple of weeks ago in the midst of the madness of the G20 summit thug thizzle I went to visit an old friend. Brighton’s Rarekind has moved to London town. It seems the masses are migrating away from this little seaside haven and based on what I saw, I’m not really surprised. When they say size doesn’t matter in most cases it may be true but not in this one. The new Rarekind Gallery is much bigger than the one we would hold impromptu afternoon parties at. The new location is 49 Bethnal Green Road, Shoreditch and space is divided to Chrome and black on the Ground floor and the gallery in the massive basement space. The whole setup is lush and the day I went was the first official open day. A low key affair my man Das promised that there will be a grand opening at the beginning of May so watch this space. In the mean time here are a few flicks for your hungry eyes.