I swear it’s like the TV just loves to try and scare us into becoming boring stiffs who are afraid of bacteria and germs, I mean the old school Mr muscle was a total pussy and he survived Foot and mouth, Salmonela, Bird flu (whatever happened to that ey?) AIDS, herpes, shit flu, flu, the common cold and common cough. Thinking about it they haven’t even found a cure for the common cold so I mean we should all be screwed right?

When I was younger, I used to, and still adopt the 3 second rule where if anything you are going to eat falls on the floor you had 3 seconds in which to pick that fucker up and shove it down your gullet. That shit helped to improve my now highly superior immune system. Where by I’m only ever sick when I want to miss a day of work or stay on my ass smoking hella weed. So now we have bird flu and everyone is dying and scared shitless apparently. What fucks me off is how the Americans always want to say it started somewhere else like AIDS came from Africa. Yeah right!!? Well all know it came from and American or European doctor who spent too much time in his lab then tried to fuck a monkey. Poor monkey got deported to Africa and that shit spread like an Australian wild fire. I’m guessing they probably fucked some Mexican kid who wanted to come to America then deported his ass back south.

Now they blame the Mexicans. I feel for them because Mexico only ever gives us the best inventions like tequila and burritos! The Mexicans don’t want our sympathy though they are all taking that shit in their stride by even going as far as decorating their face masks. Basically saying ” yeah there swine flu but lets entertain each other and get drunk”. This seems to have started a bit of a fashion craze in such little time, Check these images out! Viva Mexico and fuck swine flu!