Mullyman – I Go Harder

With Bmore now being the hipsters choice of party music, this ridiculusly frowzy tune from MC Mullyman shows that Bmore can still smash it when it comes to Hip Hop. With brutal beats coming from Bmore Club legend DJ Booman of the Doo Dew Kidz (Bmore Club pioneers) – this record has a distinct UK Grime sound to it and the video is amazing.  Mullyman is def one to watch.

Comin’ from the home of The Wire homie

If you liked that tune then you gotta watch this interview with Mullyman, Booman and Jimmy Jones about club music, Hip Hop and Bmore. Mullyman kills it with a freestyle over some beats from Booman’s PC towards the end, its big! 

Shouts to Rockwell the Gurnteam Bmore correspondent. Slaying it!