Bionic Commando.

Fancy killing nazis as a red-headed dreadhead with the voicebox of Mike Patton and the arm of a robot?

Thought so.

The plot doesn’t really matter in this game – you play a man with a bionic arm who used to have shades and a cool red merc-style haircut, and now he’s pissed off and out of prison with some dreads and no shades.  The original Bionic Commando came out in the 80’s on NES and has since been rebooted on Xbox Live Arcade, and now there’s this brand new game in 3D.

The original game didn’t have a jump button and the only way of getting to the end of the level was by swinging with your big metal arm, using it as an extendable grappling hook.  The mobility in this new game still hinges on his one arm, but he can jump too.  It’s a really cool arm which will leave you feeling like a manly Spiderman.

Anyway, if you want a Hollywood Blockbuster style experience where you’ll basically feel like a cool dude, then this should suffice.  It can be pretty frustrating at times in an uncompromising old skool sorta way, but it’s fun.  The music to this game is fucking wicked – it may not involve steel drums or skateboards, but trust me it’s great.

For those that wanna check out the original, take a look at the Bionic Commando Rearmed rerelease in the 360’s Arcade section, which is going for half price this week (400 space bucks).

Here you go…