Saturday 16th May

After a night of what can only be described as crooning to a pair of ladies till the earl hours of the morning I had to get to London town for 9 in the morning. My comrades enjoyed a long lay in and therefore got the most of what was to be the last day of the Great Escape festival 2009. Thankfully I made it back down in time to catch some decent acts. The one in particular I was gutted about not seeing was Telepathe. These two dope girls from NYC. I did however bum into them in a very drunken state and offered them a beer. So I guess it wasn’t all a loss. Well we managed to catch White Denim. Seemed as though everyone wanted to get a glimpse of them as the venue was pretty packed out.


Also ran in to our partner in crime boss man Matt Barker. Lord knows wherever he goes it’s bound to be a pretty bumping atmosphere. Peep the quiff.


Citizen Cope


I figure if this doesn’t get done now, it never will.!

Mr Hudson




Enjoy you stupid little Donuts