The new issue of Bonafide magazine is out and they sent us a few free copies and asked us to have a read. They got a pretty nice website which is frequently updated with interesting interviews and features (peep the Edan radio show its big) so have a look at that inabit.

A clean and tidy, pocket-sized publication which focuses on ‘street’ art and music, when clocking the names on the front I noticed some interesting features. Issue 2 has sections on Neon Neon, Kid Acne, Peanut Butter Wolf, Flying Lotus, and Eine amongst others but the best part has got to be the interview with Large Professor following the release of his new record Main Source. Other bits I liked were the write up and explanation behind the originally caged KMD classic Black Bastards and the Gareth Bayliss interview.

Go check out the website ( and have a butchers yourself.