a U.K. Folk compilation:

Pentangle – So Clear
Barry Dransfield – The Werewolf
Lal & Mike Waterson – The Scarecrow
Peter Bellamy – Rigs Of The Time
Nigel Denver – Wae’s Me For Charlie
Paul Clayton – The Bonny Bunch of Roses
Ralph McTell – Barges
Dick Gaughan – Rattlin’ Roarin’ Willie/The Friar’s Britches
Steeleye Span – Lovely On The Water
Ewan MacColl – Such a Parcel of Rogues in a Nation
Ray & Archie Fisher – Twa Corbies
Anne Briggs – Blackwater Side
Lal Waterson & Oliver Knight – Midnight Feast
Martin Carthy – Lovely Joan
Liam Clancy, Tommy Makem, Family & Friends – Whisky You’re The Devil
Hamish Imlach – Cod Liver Oil And Orange Juice
Nic Jones – Annan Water
Fotheringay – The Pond And The Stream
Al Lloyd – Sovay, the Female Highwayman
Davy Graham & Shirley Collins – Proud Maisrie


(Thanks Matty)