Went to catch Brendan Fowler @ Rental Gallery in Chinatown yesterday. The exhibition was pretty dope as fuck, free alcohol!!! The type I didn’t have to tip for and the kind that the lady who worked there came over to fill our glasses up! That’s fucking service. I’d pretty much go to every exhibition at the gallery if the bar is as free and giving as they were. Anyway back to Brendans’ stuff, I liked the idea of it or at least what I interpreted it to be.


Titled “Cancelled” it basically explored the idea of not being able to complete a collection of work for an exhibition. Not sure if that makes sense but he basically created a space were framed portraits and prints were literally thrown together to create an individual piece. I don’t really know too much about art so I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Besides I was too busy getting drunk and smoking to remember why I was there in the first place.


Brendan was at the opening playing a five hour drumming performance in the mold of the exhibition. Seriously my man literally drumming for like, ever. He was dope to have a chat with, so check his stuff out. The GIN & TONIC made me mad drowsy, I had to eat like 10 dumplings just to find my square root. ‘Cancelled’ will be running through to December 6th.


also peep his band B.A.R.R, it’s kinda cool