Jay Read = WIN

Me and Deadman over at Dayglo went to the Brighton Tattoo convention last weekend, fully equipped with cameras, backpacks and a chick clicker. We basically thought 2 great minds are better than one semi retarded one so we decided to find some of the hottest babes based on Dayglos’ street style and as it was a tattoo convention babes with tats. Here is what we discovered. That Princess Diana R.I.P is in fact on some dudes arse, everyone seems to think they are not photogenic (how do you know u had a test or something?), having friends at tattoo conventions doesn’t mean they will give you a free one. Paul Bosch likes bikes a hell of a lot more than girls and tattooing European nationals. Lastly we had a good few conversations with some sound people, none more so than Jay Read who is the BOSS of Jilted Royalty and photographer Paul Vickery.



Our homie Jack from Nine

Best tattoo ever?