Decided to break it up a little bit with the MJ costumes but here is the 3rd installment in the never to be worn wardrobe of the MJ “this is it tour”. This is the Heavily studded 3rd look which would have probably suited “Bad” appropriately. The Stud work in this Jacket occurred over a couple of days and is now something I’m becoming obsessed with.


When i first saw it i thought it was encrusted with bullets but they are studs of every shape and size which make the jacket pop out and obviously compliment the black leather. In amongst all this heavy studding which would probably make the jacket weight a little bit are the subtlety of the studded loafers which I really like. I’m glad Zaldy manages to reign himself in on some things. Which were custom made for MJ from Italy where the got his exact feet size in order to make the moon walk appear more magical.