My room mate sent me a video link a couple of years ago of Man like me. At the time I didnt know who they were but remember the song. It was called “Dougnut” and it was one of the most entertaining things I had seen in a while. Cut to last year Great Escape festival, a group of us found ourselves in a carnival atmosphere led by MLM. We might as well have been in the Caribbean all in Hawaiian shirts, playing with beach balls and toasting each other with those cute cocktail glasses. Such was the vibe they created. Their subject matter seemed very current but what I remember most is that they were having so much fun and when that happens it tends to rub off on the crowd. Man Like Me are releasing an EP entitled “Lovestruck” on the 13th of May at the Electric Ballroom. We decided to hangout with them for a couple of days and see what they are really like.
Why the name man like me?

Pete: Johnny named it after a friend of mine used to refer to himself as man like me.  He famously stated that “ever since man like me became a fishmonger, man like me’s got enough for a mortgage ya get me?” Its also a nod the type of lingo we’d hear from mc’s on kool fm back in the day.
Although the songs are fun they also have a serious side to them. Is that a fair reflection of the band?

Pete: We’re really not very fun people.  Spend a couple of hours with me and I’ll bring you down, slowly but surely.  The songs are an escape from that.
johnny: i never really think too much about the songs when i write them. Theres no plan its just whatever comes out.
What have been the highlights for you in the last year?

Pete: In 2010 the highlight for me was Skepta briefly bigging us up during his set at camden crawl, actually he basically just said that we were on next but it meant a lot.
Johnny: Playing in new york was a laugh, american people always seem to take well to the live show.
The first time i saw you was at the great escape festival. Since then the band seems to be getting through members, why is that?

Pete: Because we’re a selfish and lazy band and people lose patience after a while.
Who is responsible for the awesome choreography?

Pete: Beyonce Knowles.
Johnny: East 17
You definately all have a particular style is that quite important to you?

Johnny: Yeah, i grew up admiring people like kid creole and prince, they always made sure they brought a style so i try to make some sort of an effort.
What have been your favourite collaborations an who would you love to work with?

Johnny: my favorite person i have collaborated with is micachu. shes uniquely  talented and nice to be around and work with. Id love to work with Brian Wilson around the time he was doing pet sounds for obvious reasons.
Where can we see more of you?

Pete: We’ve got the launch of our ep at the electric ballroom on may 13th.  Its a huge venue, so please do come down.  Definitely come.
What have you got planned for the rest of the year?

Johnny: trying to stay together and write as much as possible
Man Like mes’ EP is are having a Love Struck EP Party on Thursday 13th of May