Following fights in the Nigerian Parliament over accusations of corruption I decided to do a post on parliamentary fights. I figure this is a good way to sort anything out in politics. And it would make fore a more interesting version of the WWE. Th only thing to do now is to figure out a way to make sure all out politicians are super fucking hot women. Also there were no action shots to be found anywhere so I’ve gone with other fights which are fun.


The Turks apply a Royal bundle style fight. Which involved everyone one coming together and someone getting shanked with a kebab skewer, in the midst of all the mayhem. The pussy who is attempting to crowd surf was merely trying to make a spectacle of the whole thing, duuurkhead.


The Mexican parliamentary fight was all about how whether this guys mustache was real or not, The opposition thought not and decided to try and rip it off. To painful consequences. When they realized it was real they all just sat down and knocked a few shots back.

South Korea

My South Korean homies do things a little differently they just have a thunderclap skank competition. The guy in the middle is the judge and he is trying to hear whose clap sounds the most thunderish. My vote is for the homie in the glasses. Anyone with glasses in a fight is a brave man. Most glasses pussies just back the fuck off.


The Ukrainian fights just involved one man being strangled to death and everyone one watching. Apparently he was a dick who no one cared about so they all just let it happen and got on with their shit.


Apparently this guy has some serious honesty issues, they always spike his tea with sleeping pills but one day they didnt and he started cussing out Berlusconi. Everyone in Italy knows thats a no-no so they were all actually trying to save this dullards life.