If you ever watch any of the sick reggae documentaries I put up they are largely taken from Rockers NYC . Hypebeast have a dope interview with Sean Reveron who is the creator of Rockers and God’s Prey.

Sean Reveron’s past spans two coasts and more than his fair share of prominent subcultures. Growing up on the West Coast, from an early age Sean’s first experiences into the realm of music came courtesy of his mother. Working at the famed Whisky nightclub on Sunset in West Hollywood, Sean’s mother first introduced him to the likes of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabath. From there, the door was blown wide open for exploration into numerous music genres, which has come to be an integral part of Sean Reveron’s RockersNYC label. The prevalent music theme, along with surreal imagery, has come to mark the brand which has since turned the corner with a new label launch titled God’s Prey as well as some upcoming collaborations for the 2010 Fall/Winter season. In the following feature we delve into the extensive musical background of Sean Reveron as well as gaining some of his thoughts into his new brand and collaborations with the help of his better-half, Meghan MacRae.

Via Hypebeast