————- J*** & Trav Messages: ——— J***: stop begging rave sat april 3rd @ the legion. Get down here trav: Bottle of ket 🙂 J***: Your a showa man trav: All good trav: I love u trav: Bottle ofk trav: Just been sick J***: Yoo trav: Hi ya J***: I just emailed you, ya get it? trav: I’m on holiday J***: Where? J***: Hello? You there? trav: Fukcing way too much lsd 🙂 trav: Hiya J***: Call me trav: Hahahaha seriousl J***: Call later J***: I can’t upload this fucking footage J***: Yoo! trav: Why nbot? trav: U wann atake acid n walk around ldn? J***: When? J***: Now? J***: I got some nang muscle relaxxers from this chick who’s a nurse trav: What’s that? trav: I’m constpiated need to sort it out its horrible J***: Not sure but they sound nice trav: I like ure style send me some trav: Man last night I was in a cartoon I swear J***: Your mental J***: What ya doing now? trav: Just watching tv drinkuing whine nout to do fat line go tek sum lsd and watch grand msster flash J***: Take some and do the flyer J***: if that helps JJ***: Put that info in the email onto the flyer you did before J***: Trrrrravvvvvvvvvvvv!!!! J***: What planet you on? J***: You done that bloddy flyer!!!!!! ………………… Stopbegging @ the