I read about the recent plight regarding O.J. Simpson getting sent down for literally running up in a Las Vegas hotel. He was reportedly very cross and armed with a desert eagle and was wailing a crowbar around like a complete nutter. I think his aim was to seize back his memorabilia which he had either previously auctioned off or sold for money.

We all know the real reason that anyone still gives a fuck or even knows about O.J. is (other than a hall-of fame-inducted American football career and a starring role in Ace Ventura,) because he killed his ex-wife and her new bit of fluff.

He then inspired the phenomena that is GTA by having a massive, long winded cop chase (which in his case would probably have been the equivalent of a 5 star law-breaking frenzy), and his cheats in ‘human game mode’ didn’t work so he couldn’t have the standard equipped bazookas or grenade launchers for the helicopters, (which always come in handy).

So he got nicked. MORE HERE