Believe me I tried really hard not to like this song. I heard it 4 hours ago and was like fuck this shit it’s rubbish. Trashy hood rat bitches trying for some swagrap. Then I went out ate some fried chicken and went to one of my main bitches house. Chilled for a minute drank some orange juice. We started going back and forth on youtube videos then I couldn’t get this Kreayshawn bitch out of my mind. “Gucci gucci louis louis fendi fendi prada basic bitches wear this so i dont even bother” got me to thinking I actually like this beat and her childish flow. No shit aswell I was having a conversation last night about how you never see bitches wear that earing to nose ring thingy and BOOOM! Also who am I kidding I’d fuck a hood rat so this a win win in my book. I hate basic bitches and donkey punch those dry hoes! CLICK HERE FOR HER KITTY X CHOPPAS MIXTAPE

Directed By: @FUCKZENTIL
Produced By @StrangeCustoms