CREEP: You [ft. Nina Sky] from Thalia Mavros on Vimeo.

love Creep and Nina Skys’ new video but it’s like they auditioning to be in the XX. They all look like dramatic lezzas on their way to a self harming orgy. Still though the song is strong and I would straight up get my wanger out and bang either Natalie or Nicole. The video by Thalia Mavros has sentiments of “Valentine” directed by Marcus Soderland. Then again maybe I’m just doing that dick-headed thing where I trying to pigeon hole every motherfucker and label the shit out of them or maybe because it’s in black and white. Or maybe I should stop fucking saying maybe and say perhaps (I’m still and always be a prick). Still thats what it reminded me of and today a indonesian dumpling reminded me of a titty so go fucking figure!