It’s good to see artist take a more hands on approach with their promos and creative direction. But Erykah Badu has been and still is teetering on the verge of actual mental illness. This one woman hip hop baby production unit has now been convinced she can add director to her feathered hat of loopy talents. I wholly disagree and for people not to see the warning signs I think they are all misguided and irresponsible. Okay she dances around in this video in her night dress and wide mum panties but in reality who is looking after all her rap star babies? Maybe I’m backwards or manifesting into a top notch platinum cunt but I think when you’ve popped something out of you’re snatch, you owe it to yourself and the rest of us to keep your clothes on and become something of a myth. (Who knows what will happen? You may even get heckled with the words milf) In Erykahs’ case I think not.

p.s I think if you’re the sole subject of you’re work your largely deluded.