This video is okay if you’re shooting a feature length film on friendships and cults. Not if you’re an experimental dubstep artist from south London. It has no familiarity with what James Blake might represent or want to portray. It in my opinion its a dick-head exec at the record company or a pushy manager dictating what is cool or considered cool (arty). This is not cool! Sure it’s well shot and beautiful blah blah fucking blah but it’s also very “I’m a big commercial artist now“. He may well be that but at least his other videos had a certain element of charm and mystique. FUCK YOUR RECORD EXEC, FOR YOUR MANAGER, FUCK EM AS A WHOLE STAFF AND RECORD LABEL AND IF YOU WANNA BE DOWN WITH THEM, THEN FUCK YOU TOO! (I still think James Blake is good and fight his corner, stop making me look bad bro! you pussy!)