The Neptunes present “The 8th Planet” from Decon on Vimeo.

Used to want to be Pharrell Williams at the point this shit was made. “In search of” was definitely one of the albums that shaped me as and individual. “The Clones” was a serious hip hop collaborative masterpiece. Everything since has led fans down the road of complacent dribble akin to believing your own hype and losing almost all form of credibility. Niggas used to make beats just on the Neptunes weird samples. They were once the hotest thing in hip hop. Now they sorta only make music to make money. If not where is Star Trak? Where is Fam-Lay, where is Rosco P Coldchain? Why the fuck did the Clipse sign to G.O.O.D music? It’s because the Neptunes got soo caught up with their own stardom and getting model pussy they forgot their mission and largely what they were in search of.