Love this cute little quick tongued bomshell. Not because I seen her in person and she is one sister I’d like to *M*A*S*H*, no not because of that. Not because she can dance, sing probably act and likes to party, no not for that? Not even because she is in the girls clique 367? No not because of that. Maybe because I don’t know how the fuck to say her name is is Lesha or Le Sure or Lesh Uggh? No not because of that. I LOVE HER BECAUSE SHE HAS GOT BARZ BARZ BARZ and isn’t shy to FUCKIN SPRAY them SHITS. Probably the only female in grime worth listening to. If any female grime MC’s look at this and feel aggrieved fuck off and make some music bitch. (P.s listen to get it in the evening – it’s nice and naughty and clarifies that she isn’t a lezza)


Via Hoodtapes