Bawse bitch!! >> Alis Pelleschi << got more balls than a lot of dudes I know. THIS WEEK SHE HOST HER TOP 5 VIDEOS. She doesn't give a fuck and it's evident she has a great sense of humour. What I mostly like about her is that she isn't in the least bit shy to show a little skin, added to that she is fucking awesome photographer with an obsession with chip butties! Big up the Bradford GYALDEM, those bitches go HARD!!


18+ / Drawl / Demo

I just love love love these 3d ladies. They embody everything I think is sexy about being a woman: curves, bums and titties! Make love to this!

Video # 2

Zinja Hlungwani – Nwa Gezani My Love

I love a bit of romance. This song and video and Zinja just makes me so happy. He recently played in London and brought his wife on stage whilst singing this! If that’s not a real man, I don’t know what is. I want to be transported into this video. Everybody loves a good booty shake.

Video # 3

Blood Orange – Dinner

There’s couple of reasons I love this song. I used to talk to Dev (singer/writer) back in the Myspace/ Test Icicles days. I recently re-found him and found his new music at same time. I love this song. The fact it has all the feel and emotion of a love song, yet he’s saying “I will do every thing I can. To make sure that you are never happy.” I can think of a few nobhead boys who hurt me that I have thought about wanting to hurt and this music video is like a visual version of my head. Bitttttter.

Video # 4


This is an old school one. But reminds me of being on a bouncy castle as a kid. And would be my perfect soundtrack to being on the dodgems!

Video # 5

Dennis Parker – Like An Eagle

‘I don’t know why, but this just reminds me of Bradford. Kind of wish it was my dad singing it. But play this, and feel like I can do anything.‘

Safe to Alis Pelleschi for her top 5 I have a lot of ♡♡ for this lady, not only is her work incredible she is also very humble and honest. Not many people are honest. It’s a beautiful trait encompassed in a beautiful person. Bradfords finest we Salute you x