NASS 2011 – Girls Comp >>

NASS 2011 in a nutshell : a lot of poo and homoerotic naked boys in the athletes bar.

Highlight of the event had to be the Girlzilla competion at NASS this year, even though it was ridiculously delayed by the BMX competitiont. Psssst. The level of skating steps up huge notches each year, but this event was so fierce that I don’t know how they’ll top it for 2012… maybe some fusion skateboarding and bull fighting?

All in all Lacey Gaga feckin killed it!

Girlzilla 2011 @NASS Results:
1st Lacey Baker (US) – $1,000
2nd Alexis Sablone (US) – $400
3rd Letici Bufoni (Brazil) – $200
4th Jessica Florencio (Brazil)
5th Lucy Adams (UK)
6th Ester Perussi (Brazil)
7th Eliana Sosco (Brazil)
8th Marta Nery (Portugal)