Top badaman and T-shirt Champion “Stan Still” has resurrected from the T-shirt party grave to bless Dont Watch That Tv with his Top 5 Videos. His intro video is awesome in typical Stan Still Style. I for one am really looking forward to seeing his top 5 videos over the course of the week. Stay tuned you fucking ninjas! BAW$$E

 Robert Miles – children

i don’t care if you think this is naff as fuck. i love it. looking out of the window of a car and listening to music is one of my favourite things to do and the shit i’ve seen out those windows is more compelling than any video i’ve ever seen. moving image at it’s most primitive. moving.


 The Perfect Human- Jorgen Leth

‘i don’t normally go in on arty films but this shit makes me weep. ‘what is the perfect human thinking, look at him, what is he thinking’.


 Paved with gold


I met Nina in 2006, she was wearing Naf Naf plimsoles and browsing flyers in the shop i worked in. We started talking and we’ve been inseparable since. We hang out, hold hands, share ideas and make stuff together. ‘Paved With Gold’ is the first thing we officially did (before we wrote a book about a Bee who lived in a monkey nut which will never see the light of day – it was sick though). We do THIS now which pretty much stems from this first film.

 So Solid – Sentimental things

Every time i hear this track and watch this video it takes me back. Selling UKG tape packs at my first saturday job, “So Solid Sundays” on Delight, Ayia Napa all Evisu’d up, living in Battersea and seeing fleets of TT’s rolling out the Winstanley, 110’s and Champagne dances……. Sentimental Things.


T-SHIRT PARTY fucking meant something. i loved it and miss it but i guess you gotta ‘Keep on Moving’.

big up Tim and Barry. doing this top 5 thing has been fun. I could of easily picked 5 videos from their archive. Every time i watch THIS it reminds me how much their shit has inspired me over the years. Big thanks to G∇RNT∑∀⨇ also.

That is what I call Fucking BAW$$E ♡ – Stan Still – enriching lives through the medium of video – “Do you like sausages?”