As eloquent as ever Tupac, schools a school on sagging pants. I bet my whole generation who sagged their pants and still do may not know that the culture evolved from american penitentiaries where inmates were forced to sag their pants because they weren’t allowed to wear belts (suicide ting/ hanging others). “Others” argue that sagging pants are a sign of prison homosexuality, as gay inmates expose their butts to let others know that they are sexually available – (SLUTS) This trend began to be the uniform of gangs coast to coast in America then eventually became the subtle or unsubtle dress code during the 90’s heyday of gangster rap. Eitherway it’s become a hot topic in the UD with states banning people from sagging by basically making it illegal. Still though love it or lump it it’s part of our culture, which I think should end at the latest when you hit 25 but whatever you can do whatever the fuck you want to do.