Long time friend of DWTTV Emma Noble has been shooting a series of fashion inspired videos. We really dig her stuff and when I initially saw her stuff it was fuckin special. Then good people Tim and Barry informed me that she used to work with them a little while back, small freeekin world eh? This time round she has hooked up with pattern and print heavy Yasmin Bawa who is definately one to look out for. She has won some fashion awards and shit, forgive me (we all still wear hand me downs) for not knowing what but basically she is fucking baawwssee and Emma is a fuckin impenetrable unicorn who is currently assisting A Shaded Veiw Of Fashion Film in the run up to the highly anticipated Paris based Fashion Film Festival this October. Any friend of hers is a friend of ours. Shot us some V.I.P to these Paris shits and then we can all drink moet together and listen to Sneakbo, yah get meh!