Can we all agree to agree that girls cant rap (if they could they would most likely be american and with some gimmicky wig)? Okay once that is agreed then we can all accept that these South African bitches got something about them. Either that they hang out with a bunch of road guys in bandanas or they are well versed in paying a group of street kids to be in a low-fi half mask, half bandana sepia coloured video. Whatever the fuck it is my buddy put this on my wall and my initial response was, and I quote “WTF is this???” end quote. Today I find myself returning to it, enjoying the visuals but also thinking that they need a lesson (by that I mean any lesson?? fucking music 101, project into the microphone, anything in song composition) and should try finding other words that rhyme with “perverse”. Here are a few I just thought up: herse, purse, insert, chicken jerk. Okay so whatever, only thing catchy about the song is the bassline but not sure I can sit through the drawl again but I do hope I see the Exorsistahs again, maybe i’m missing something.

Directed @ANDZZnoHANDZ