While I was on my ‘break’ (if we can call it like that, as there are NO breaks) during the 14 hours photoshoot I had yesterday I checked out some stuff on the verrrrry really slow internet (m*dafucka work properly, in a £200 an hour studio) 🙂
I found out this video which made me fall in love.
THAT is exactly how my days will be once I will be that millioner photographer. Having fun, shooting TYLER and getting money!
No bitches though I’m a kinda husband tin girl, if you get me! lol but yes clothes a lot. And just one car. LAND ROVER please. BLACK!

So anyways he started taking pictures of his punk friends, in a punk era, with punk outfits, and punk attitudes.

I am here taking pictures of Grime ‘friends’, in a grime era, with grime outfit, and hell yeah a m*daf*cking GRIME ATTITUDE!!!!

Right below the first video there’s the behind the scene of Terry Richardson photoshoot with OFWGKTA for Vice magazine. CRAZYYYY!

Check this out

Tyler the Creator and Friends from Terry Richardson on Vimeo.