Documentary of Rock Steady from 1981. Popper’s from 1:00 names Normski. Propably Martha Cooper or Henry Chalfant had role in it.

“Just about two years ago i seen a dance that came from down south called The Pop and Floating… the Floats were where you’d be, you’d make pretend you’re running against the wind which is what Marcel Marceau did in mime and there was a lot of popping and robotic movement and thats when i started to combine the pantomime with the dancing which forms the name Electric Boogie; acting things out but while your dancing so that the crowd could understand it. The reason i used to really want to do the dance is because i’d see some people that would do the dance and not too hot and girls would… they’d watch ’em and think “Wow! How’d you move your body like that, how’d you do these movements?” You know they’d be… they’d be on it, and ‘erm, so i started getting my name of Mr Freeze and getting better and i said to myself “If i get better than him there’ll be much more girls comin’ to me” so i got better and all that and finally i got a bunch of girls come to me”

Mr Freeze