Really feeling this new ‘Rhythm Composer’ series that London club night and label SUB SKANK (collective featuring Dooze, CDNephew, Elefo, R.E.P.L.I.C.A, D Warrior, Kingpinn & Filthy Yello) have been working on, currently featuring production insight and inspiration from D Warrior and B.Yrslf Division and Pet Liger affiliated (highly recommended) very own musical whirlwind, Elefo. Video interviews are definitely 101% bigger than text when it comes to talking about music…especially for somebody with zero concentration span like me!

“The first installment of a new series entitled “Rhythm Composer” where we take you on a voyage through the habitats of up & coming producers & show you how they get down. Music: D Warrior – Hand Clap. Filmed & Edited by Akito Hearnshaw.”

“In the 2nd episode of Rhythm Composer we venture through North London to link up with footworks freshest Elefo, we get a quick explanation on what gets him going & a definition of G.O.I.B.
Music: Stavrogin – Working Better (Elefo’s GOIBmx). Filmed & Edited by Akito Hearnshaw.”

Sub Skank resident Akito (fka Filthy Yello) also presents this wonderfully bass driven mix for your aural pleasure.

Akito – Winter Mix 2011 by Akito.

And shit….copped Akito’s mix and fell head over heels for the first track, ‘Triangular Clouds’ by Sub Skank’s own Pyramid Scheme which takes an echoed vocal sample drawn from The Orb’s trippy kickback jam ‘Little Fluffy Clouds’. “What were the skies like when you were young?”