Just Jam #41 was the Sugarlesque Lingerie Take-over. Now, we have done very many takeovers before but nothing like this. In all honesty I don’t think any of us knew how it was going to work out.

Still we started with our usual format. All steadily excited to see girls in nipple tassels and the finest hand-made underwear. Ordio kid turned up early and dropped some tunes made the pre-show preparation go smoothly.

As the show started Discarda and Scratchy walked into the studio. We were aware he would come but we’re not sure. So we decided to leave him off the line up and treat the loyal few who tune in. Still when they walked into the studio I almost screamed with excitement.

Both men along with Uncle Dreama dropped some stoned but awesome bars. We did have a few technicals as the show is LIVE and literally anything can happen.

Like a semi-clothed beauty tripping over a plug and cutting power to the decks. Still the guys played it off and Dreama actually thought that Dj smalls had wheeled one of his bars. 🙂

Big Ben is someone I have been familiar with for years. He is good friends with some very old but dear friends of mine and him coming through was a pleasant surprise.

I have to say it was one of those shows that although there is a woman undressing in front of you, you didn’t quite know if you should be looking. Still though I had to grab the camera so there was often no-where lse to really look.

At the end of the night Lady Chann came with her most enigmatic Just Jam performance to date.

She literally gave more than 100% which was refreshing to see. Some acts do not perform to their audience they let their awesome music do the talking. Safe to say, Chann is someone who delivers on all fronts.

Haha funny story. Just Jam resident joe Grime said he wouldn’t be able to make the show due to a sore throat. I tweeted to tell him that “shame, I’m sure we’ll be able to manage the naked girls ourselves”. This picture pretty much tells the rest of the story.

DJ Raggs I believe is one of the hand full of women we have had on the show. We definitely want to showcase more of talented women on the show and Raggs might have a lot to say about that. #watchthisspace.

Towards the end of the show everyone was very very merry especially Dj Barely Legal and Bluedaisy. I think his bottle of ammaretto had a huge hand in that. This led to Barely Legal post the show dropping some bars which we have video evidence of. Havent laughed that much in ages.

Last but almost certainly not least: is one of the core members of the team. Hardly ever infront on the camera, the work this guys puts into making the show is incredible. Sometimes we don’t thank him enough for his dedication but Baby Bronson, aka the albainian turkish delight aka the eastern european tech guy aka my dad has the biggest kebab shop in south w salute you!!