Just Jam, Unknown II Unknown takeover. Featuring Mamiko Motto, Checan, DJ Haus, Capracara, Bobby champs, Alias g, Sam Palace, Cestrian

Things don’t always run smoothly pre/during/post the show. This was pretty evident in the late start to the Unknown II Unknown take over. It doesn’t always help when there is drunk, rowdy Lithuanian chick who wants to get on with it and demands the the music be turned louder.

Regardless we realize it’s a live show and the best thing to do when things don’t go great is be calm. So thats what we did and by the time Sheffields Checan stepped up we were all well into our stride

Thats not to say that things didn’t still mess up during the stream. Still we roll with the punches and if things go wrong, stay calm and bring out the duck tape. If it works on crocodiles it’ll work on copper cables.

Seeing as UTTU was a very family affair everyone got in on sharing the responsibility. Some even found themselves enjoying it. This might be their calling.

The highlight for us though is when people who come and play really enjoy what they do. We generally only advocate 20/30 minute sets but shit if someone wants to play for an hour who are we to cut their hopes and dreams short.