Got hit up about this kid from a couple of sources today as if someone just discovered a mouse in their house, “They’ve always been there but you just noticed them”. Still, decided to listen to my mans soundcloud and his shit is very very tuff. Yeah he is 16 whatever, it’s not the age of the individual but what he makes with his mind. Here is his facebook biography

“XXYYXX is the name of Orlando, FL’s 16 year old producer, Marcel Everett. Marcel works out of his bedroom creating harmonious music that provokes emotion and transmits vivid images of peace and still sadness. His music has been featured on XLR8R, The Needle Drop, Earmilk, Indie Shuffle, BIRP and many more. His full-length releases are available for digital download on Relief in Abstract Records.”

Anyway see what you think, there is so much more but this was my fave, MORE HERE