Been trolling through the internet all day mainly on youtube and every video is boring or dated or just not offering anything interesting visually. Gone from the people saying rappers lyrics, so sword wielding, to seemingly underage girls drinking and smoking back to gold teeth and fucking girls in bikinis. Don’t get me wrong I like all this stuff but there is such a lack of creativity in music video making its almost enough to want to give up.

However this video by Chris Saunders al least offers something interesting. A landscape, a location, a juxtaposition of ideas. I mean we’re recently seen the whole drifting thing but still I like the fact the guys look like the are having a fucking blast. It also helps when the tune being out out is fucking dope!

“Sebenza means ‘Work’ in Zulu. The song is taken from the ‘ Get A Grip EP’ released on Hyperdub on July 23rd 2012 and the album ‘Sebenza’ released at the end of August, and featuring Okmalumkookat, Spoek Mathambo and Ruffest.”