Mykki Blanco will go far for several reasons, he plays with the whole cross gender thing that black people are still largely ignorant about. The minority that aren’t caught up in this boring and expired sexual argument will be attracted to this redefinaition. Those who are openminded and generally not bothered by what a person looks like or wears will either think he is dope or not. Blanco will already have the backing of his peers hipsters in town witnessed by several cameos (namely Maluca Mala and Brenmar production) and the music industry will lap him up as some sort of avant garde crusader.

Put all these in a bottle and there you have someone who is already reaching an Iconic status. I bet only a handful of people will know him this side of the pond. Well this new video Directed by Francesco Carrozzini is a party hardened introduction. Mykki Is a poet so I know he is already saying a little bit more than your average braggadocio rapper. Also he is in fact extremely bold in his approach. People need to be challenged because thats the only way we can confront what makes them uncomfortable.

My favourite shot, the one I Envy the most is dude in the back of an open truck and alla the lights. You’re quite potentially watching the new Lady Gaga. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. Either-way I’ve bought a ticket.