Not sure whats more gnarley about this song/video. Is is the fact that Caroline Polachek is singing in fluent Japanese (apparently she lived there as a child). Or the fact Caroline Polachek has a little patch of tamed hairly love under her armpits that I’ve never noticed before (Which leads me to think, when did women start shaving their armpits? When did it become normal? to do so?)

I mean if I was with a chick who ticked all the right boxes who decided I want to grow armpit hair would I be like. “Aww shit baby I really dont think that the right move” (I’m yet to meet that chick) Still Isn’t it an inane backwards move when it’s considered weird for guys to not shave their armpits? Has body hair always been this possessive male trait? I mean the same can be said for pubic hair; and I’m sure some super academic has written many a thesis on the growth of hair in and round the human genitalia.

Either-way whether your into chicks with a little armpit fuzz or not I definitely know my line is drawn with girls with facial hair. Back to my conversation with mt imaginary girlfriend “Baby I’m sorry I don’t mind trimming by trouser bush if you feel you are compelled to trim yours, aie and aie wont bat an eye lid if dread you pit hairs. But baby I can hardly grow a mustache so you having one is a sure fire way of telling me you dont give a shit about my feelings”

Ah and I think the armpit hair largely edged it over the Japanese.

Chairlifts “Something” LP is out in Japan this week via Young Turks