We live in a day an age where a good music video can make or break a career. Where teenagers from across the globe can make music on their laptops; gather their pubescent friends and have grown women ovulating over them in continents far and wide. I’ve witnessed this with my own eyes and it’s made me cry endless tears of laughter and discontent for my penis.

The main benefactors of this sort of (pardon my french) “bullshit” are Americans. It seems any old mindless, bass ridden or copycat garbage they put out will always find a home in the lap of us gullible and easily impressed Europeans and middle class Africans (yet lets be real you guys have long fallen into that bracket).

Every once in a while some of this trans-atlantic sewage gets spilled on your shoe and for an amount of time makes the bloody thing look a little better a little brighter and more interesting. That shit really amplifies your image and feelings for about 4 minutes and 13 seconds. Well here is that latest turd which will dominate hipster Facebook shares for a few hours.

Doesn’t mater how many Peaches Geldofs’ you fuck or how many records you released on Pharrells’ self indulgent label and now online streetwear/content website. I have never been a fan of Chester French and never will. BUT! and the was a bit but. The guy who directs and stars in the video “NIKO DA IKON” is jokes. Although he is probably the type of dude at a party who’ll crack onto your girlfriend right in front of you without the dumb bitch even knowing.

I’ll give him a pass for the time being right up until I nonchalantly flick this turd off my shoe.