Boyadee, Darq E Freaker, Peigh & Wonder turned up to a party a couple weeks back and insisted on sticking a camera in everyones face. This is good if you’re trying to shoot a party inspired music video. Not good if you’re trying to get your chirps on and gang of supreme cladden, camera weilding, music making rappers turn up and start crowd surfing in a little living room.

They scared all the gays, they molested all the women (groupies), they smoked up all the weed and eventually the party got shut down by the popo to the chant of them shouting “fuck the police”. I thought we we’re all getting arrested and was slightly embarrassed to be black! Still from viewing this video if you’re Nu Brand Flexx it was all fucking worth it, wasnt it guys!!

Well done but my penis says FUCK YOU!!!