sadly and probably to my detriment the only couple of opinions other than mine I listen to when it come to Rap music are my mate Jim, Brenmar and Noz. The later is a stalwart who I trust and even if I’m not convinced on some of his stuff like a true journalist he managed to convince me. How? with a mixture of context and persuasion. So now rather than write stuff about Rap music I post I’m just gonna lift the words of Noz straight from his blog so you can read them too….. Does this make me a bad person?

“I have this theory that Chance is the first significant rapper to emerge who is entirely post-Kendrick. This is not exactly a notable distinction in of itself but what’s impressive is the Chicago rapper’s ability to wear that influence so loosely, not biting but carving it out into his own style – a less hinged and more melodic almost gospel infused whine.

It might be a jinx to the whole rap game to make this claim but it seems like the particular slipperiness and relative complexity of Kendrick’s flow(s) make him nearly impossible to bite directly. I mean he’s obviously a considerably more popular rapper than say ASAP Rocky, but you don’t see hoards of Kendrick-lite types out there like you do the aspiring rapper with a dollar sign in his twitter profile types running that god damn Lord Infamous flow fragment into the ground. Kids actually have to learn how to rap well if they want to rap exactly like Kendrick and in doing so they’ll probably also learn that rapping exactly like Kendrick is not the best idea.

Chance’s Acid Rap is coming soon. It should be good.”