DontWatchThatTv (DWT) is re-launching with a New Website designed by Ben Drury, on April 1st.

This time last year an entourage from DWT went to Chicago to document the Footwork Scene.

A scene ingrained in the lineage of the City itself, filled with effervescent dancers, storytellers and beat makers.

It was single handedly the most unique and in-depth tour we had every experienced.

Featuring key players on the scene, such as DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn, DJ Gant-man and Arpebu.

The team navigated through the South and West sides of the windy City living with the Ghettoteks or as they fondly refer to them self members of Teklife.

They slept on floors, sofas and in dodgy motels with their charming hosts.

All the while managing to obtain un-seen footage from the finest Producers, Footworkers and the good people of Chi-Town.

As a celebration of the website re-launch, we will be releasing videos from our time in Chicago last year.

It’s taken our humble team a long and painstaking while to put this together.

We hope to do the people who shared their homes, talent and ultimately their lives with us, proud.

We also hope you like it, innit!!