Piu Piu releases her dreamy “Nightintale” mixtape. Peppered with production from hot shots Ryan Hemsworth, Bambounou, Metro Zu and sibling French Fries. Piu Piu manages to capture a romantic themed body of work. Only half way through the mixtape and it feels like Piu Piu is whispering all the sultry vocals into my ear. The video for Creep; a hommage to TLCs’ original version, produced by Scntst dropped last week. Very much in similar vein this mixtape is a throwback to the sexy innocence RnB used to carry before we got half naked artist gyrating vigorously in our direction. Not saying I dont like the hip thrusting, but sometimes what you dont see is generally more attractive. In this case we’re asked to engage with the music which is a dreamy and optimistic offering.