Apparently this guy is legit, apparently this guy is where Ninja from Die Antwoord got his whole persona, apparently this guy is on their first album.

There is a lot of apparent findings in that sentence. I personally always wanted to know how SA felt about DA. I mean I like them for what they represent but not sure how they communicate a philosophy. Do they believe it or are they exploiting it. In the end most people here like them because they think they look cool. That might be the case. They might rock a few boats but when it’s all said and done …. blah blah fucking blah

Back to this G, Isaac Mutant and this project “Dookoom” which is described as “a myth and whatno… everything negative is associated with dookoom.” by him but as a Malay derived slave word for “Dukun” meaning “black magic”. You know the one ju-ju or as they call it in posh circles voodoo.

The videos directed by director/producer Ari Kruger was shot in Heinz Park, Cape Town and the track titled “Kak Stirvy” bear reference to the fact that the SA hip hop audience are bored with rap, they are all a bit uppity and Mutant realized you don’t win awards for rhyme patterns but you do get attention for packaging slowed verses better. He makes sense, we all loved Busta Rhymes in the 90’s but if you can tell me what he actually said then I’ll let you hold my capri sun.