Not sure what to say about Serious Thugs aka William E. Wright & Alis Pelleschi. I thought they were doing this as a joke to begin with but having seen their work ethic and output over that last year they are dead serious. They put in the work, this project albeit still in it’s infancy and constantly improving is way ahead of everyone else style wise. You could discount it as a fad or whatever you will but this is actually a mirror of their friends and close realities. I’ve turned down numerous opportunities to see them live and in my head still feel indifferent to this even though I’m a fan of all their other projects.

However this has grown on me since I say the rough first cut a couple weeks back by DWT very own Scotty2Hotty69 who filmed and edited this.It’s one of those you love it or you hate it. HOwever you cant discount the effort that has gone into making this video and song. Its huge improvement on their last and I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with next. Shout to all my rubicon drinkers