Palace is a 22 year old house producer and DJ from Greater London and he wants a Lamborghini. 

Chiefly releasing on our own DJ Haus’ imprint Unknown To The Unknown / Hot Haus; Palace recently dropped a three-track EP ‘Touch Me’ that featured some old girl dancing seductively in the shower…Go check.

We caught up with  Palace to chat cars, possessions, influences and a few bits that fall between….


Can you describe your sound?

Sample Based Tracker House

A few words on the recent UTTU release….

I’ve only ever really released music with UTTU so it felt natural to do another EP. Rupert had pretty much been pestering me for “Touch Me” for a few months. Originally I wanted to self release it as a white label but eventually gave in and we ended up settling on a 3 track EP.

Any other producers or creative people you look up to or have influenced you?

The list is endless, theres a lot of great music going round and also a lot of crap. I try to avoid influence as much as possible and just work the way I like to work but its impossible to say I have no influential input. Its always changing and I’m constantly looking for new music or something I haven’t heard before.

What is your favourite city and club to play?

So far Nottingham has been the most fun (exotic). I really need more European bookings! (Hint) I really like Corsica Studios but apart from that I always find playing London quite disappointing.

If you could drive any car in the world what would it be and why?

Probably the Delorean from Back To The Future due to its obvious time travelling abilities. In the real world though some kind of Lamborghini would be nice.

Whats the most valuable thing you own?

This made me realise how boring I am. Probably copies of my own music on vinyl are the most valuable things…something about having a creation of my own in a physical form just feels quite special.

Whats coming up?

Another two track release with Rupert and maybe a double EP too. I’m thinking of possibly starting a new alias and jumping on the record label bandwagon. Self release my music. Who knows though…

Any famous last words?



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