One of DWT’s favourite artist and undisputed selfie queen Suz P‘s work tends to explore the seductive and ephemeral nature of modern existence. Whether through film, painting, montage, performance, print and installation media she delivers exploration into ones self narcissism and gender perceptions. As she puts it “I aim to provide a modern-day social commentary, often presented with a satirical undertone.”

Fifteen is her newest body of work which forms part of a series, she describes it as the following…

“This performance is to rid my subconscious of any urgency to be glorified. Renouncing any previous interest in aspirational validation. Giving myself the promised fifteen minutes before it’s handed to me. Presenting a visual representation as what I deem to be my highest commercial value. Based on the conditioned general consensus of the archetypal celebrated woman. Being put on a pedestal and being pushed off, performing equally as the pushed and the pusher..”

Bit wordy girlfriend but I feel ya xxx